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RV6 23+ Integra Rear Lower A Control Arms (Adjust Camber)

RV6 23+ Integra Rear Lower A Control Arms (Adjust Camber)

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Originally developed for HPD and only available road racing teams. This kit replaces both rear Lower A arms on the vehicle that connect the left and right rear knuckles to the rear sub frame. These adjustable links are designed to allow complete control over the camber angle at the rear wheels. The factory lower arms that control the rear tire camber angles are not adjustable. They are made from stamped sheet metal with rubber bushing. In addition to being adjustable these adjustable links are made with high quality, USA made spherical rod ends. This helps eliminates one point of slop in the system.

Altering the vehicle camber angle may be desired due to user preference, or it may be required due to changes in the suspension geometry that occur when the vehicle is lowered with springs or coilovers. The RV6 Performance adjustable rear Lower A arms are essential to set and fine tune the camber angle at the rear wheels in order to maximize traction.

These adjustable control arms have been race proven and are come preinstalled on HPDs FK8 turn key race car.

Prop 65 Warning - Product may cause cancer or reproductive harm.

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