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Hybrid Racing

Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly (00-09 S2000)

Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly (00-09 S2000)

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Product Description

  • Knob height-adjustable +10mm to +30mm
  • Up to 5% Shorter Gate Spacing
  • Up to 25% Shorter throw
  • Adjustable knob position (360*)
  • PTFE Main & lower cup
  • Stainless steel center shaft
  • High-quality anodized finish
  • Includes 140mm stainless steel shift rod
  • Improvements that make a difference.
    Years ago, when we set out to design a short shifter for the Honda S2000, we faced the question… how can we make one of the best-feeling shifters, better? The answer is complex because everyone has their own opinions on what makes a shifter great. To us, one that is tight, direct, easy to move, and inspires confidence when shifting is the best. The factory Honda S2000 shifter is many of those things… well… most of them were when they were newer.

    The reality is that many S2000s have been driven and raced… a lot. While technically a wear item, the factory shifter will loosen and degrade over time. Over time that degradation presents itself as a loose or wobbly shifter, one whose glory days were hailed with praise. Long gone are the glory days of blissful shifts, many cars now reside in the realm of just ok.

    Modern tech & science.
    Modern issues require modern solutions. We designed a completely new main cup section which was then molded in the most durable PTFE plastic. Not only is this material incredibly durable, but its properties allow the ball to slide freely and will withstand the high temperatures found inside of a transmission case.
    Our 3D CNC machining processes ensure these parts are created in exact tolerances and have been designed to work together. We include high-quality high-temperature grease which helps reduce unwanted noise and friction.

    Racing heritage – Street style
    Whether you are competing in a car show or timed track event, this shifter excels in both areas. The high-quality anodizing and finish keep this shifter looking good for a long time, and the adjustability allows the driver to dial in the proper location.
    Like all Hybrid Racing shifters, you can rotate the shift knob 360* so it works great with both left- and right-hand drive cars. Raise the shift knob up to 30mm to bring it closer to your steering wheel. A huge benefit of our design is the ability to keep a short shift while moving and raising the knob.
    If you like to run a tall shift knob but wish you could keep the throw the same, this is a great option for you.

    With its superior construction, adjustability, and unmatched testing and performance, our shifter has, once again, set the standard.

  • Fits:
    • 2000-2009 Honda S2000 - AP1 & AP2
    • RWD cars using the Honda S2000 transmission (F20C & F22C)
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Prop 65 Warning - Product may cause cancer or reproductive harm.

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