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Hybrid Racing

Hybrid Racing - Awesome Sauce Quick Detailer

Hybrid Racing - Awesome Sauce Quick Detailer

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Product Description

  • Infused with Awesomesauce famous scent.
  • Made in the USA, certified by professional detailers.
  • Great for use in-between washes.
  • Protects against UV damage.
  • Anti-static (prolongs dust buildup).
  • Safe on all surfaces and on ALL ceramic coatings!

      MMMMM...Could it be the best smell ever? Probably! What's better than having an Awesome Sauce hanging from your mirror? Cleaning your car with it! It's so awesome in fact, we partnered with Velocity Visions to bring you our amazing scent in a quick detailer spray! Now you can clean all of the surfaces of your ride with Awesome Sauce!


      Awesome Sauce Quick Detailer is a water based product that can be used in-between full washes to help keep your ride clear of dirt build-up, contaminates, bugs, finger prints, and so much more. It is safe to use on paint, plastic, metal, glass, cloth, interior panels, leather, and vinyl. Pretty much any part of a car that can be cleaned is gonna smell AWESOME!

      The proven formula contains special surfactants and lubrication agents that allow quick and easy cleaning without scratching or ruining the finish of vehicle components. Using this between washes also helps keep any coatings or sealants already applied to the vehicle in their best working condition! This is the perfect product for those that want to keep their rides pristine without sacrificing unnecessary time and energy.


      Prime a clean, soft microfiber towel with 2-3 sprays of the product, and wipe down each desired surface as necessary. As the microfiber towel becomes saturated or dirty, switch to a clean microfiber towel. Avoid using on hot surfaces.

      Best practice is to have two towels (one for wet application and one dry) for picking up any excess product and to reduce the chance of streaking. Always work the painted surfaces from top to bottom to avoid dragging the dirt from lower panels across the rest of the vehicle. This "top to bottom" method greatly reduces the chances of micro-marring (creating tiny scratches) the vehicle. It also keeps the towel clean and free of excess dirt for a longer period of time.


      Awesome Sauce QD is specifically formulated by Hybrid Racing for our customers and fans. We wanted the best product out there that not only properly represents awesome sauce, but also does a fantastic job at cleaning your ride with minimal effort. Awesome Sauce QD is a water-based, acrylic detail spray with added polymer technology to help keep the surfaces you clean, cleaner for a longer period of time. The greatest benefit of this product, besides the awesome scent, is its versatility. Awesome Sauce QD is safe on every area of the vehicle. Even those perfect interiors and tucked k-swapped engine bays can benefit from the use of Awesome Sauce QD. This product contains no wax, fillers or VOC's that could damage delicate components. Through every step of development of this product, we had our followers in mind to ensure that the quality and the reputation of Awesome Sauce was properly represented.

    • Fits:
      • Vehicles of all makes and models
      • Applicable (and safe) on any surface!

Prop 65 Warning - Product may cause cancer or reproductive harm.

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