Collection: Parts List for using ITR Spoon Front Calipers on 4 lug Integra and Civic Si

Spoon Front Calipers on 4 Lug Conversion starts

Spoon Calipers are limited to 5 lug Honda models, specifically ITR, CTR, and S2000. You can now install the Spoon Calipers on 4 lug Civic EG/EK or Integra DC2 models. Everything you need for this conversion can be found on this page.

Note: In order for this to work, you will need to have front knuckles that uses 10.3 inch front brake rotors that are usually found on 92-00 Civic EX or Si models.  This requirement only applies to Civic none EX models such as CX DX LX.  Please measure double check your current rotor size before ordering.  This requirement does not apply to DC2 Integra


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